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Tooth Colored Fillings:

When it is necessary to remove decay or replace an old worn amalgam (silver) metal filling, we place a variety of tooth colored restorations. These resin fillings not only restore and protect the health of your teeth, but enhance the beauty of your smile for years to come.

Porcelain Crowns:

Occasionally when a tooth is badly fractured, when we discover extensive decay, or when an old large filling breaks, we need to place a porcelain fused to gold alloy crown. If we do not have a sufficient amount of natural tooth structure available, we can use these beautiful restorations to enhance your smile. With the minimum of reduction of natural tooth structure, we can create a beautiful restoration that can last decades.


Lumineers are the most wonderful restoration to be developed in our lifetime. All of our dentists are certified to place lumineers and have a great deal of experience. Lumineer are ultra thin porcelain veneers that cover the surface of an anterior tooth usually without the need for drilling or anesthesia (needles). Lumineers can be used to fill gaps in a smile, straighten teeth and enhance the color of your teeth. Please call the office for a free consultation.

Lumineers are remarkably strong and long lasting. Lumineers offer the most aestheticly pleasing result for any cosmetic condition. Please take advantage of our free consultation to see if we can help you get a “movie star smile.”