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Pediatric Dentistry

The Doctors in our office are all parents… and we have a special commitment to helping our youngest patients.

Preventive Pediatric Care:

The finest way to have a healthy adult dentition is maintaining a proper primary dentition. We emphasize a total homecare regimen. We rarely observe cavities in young people when we have parents committed to routine visits with our hygienist, sealants and fluorides.


With our advances in preventive care, we ensure your child’s treatment is rarely more than routine visit. We stress the cooperation of parents and young patients with regard to homecare and prevention. We use fluorides (agents used to prevent cavities) judiciously , emphasize proper homecare and monitor eruption patterns for possible orthodontic needs.


We recommend sealants for the permanent posterior teeth in all youngsters where the most common cavities occur. The very thin sealant is placed on the surface of a tooth to protect it from bacteria settling in the pits and anatomical fissures in the tooth’s enamel. Sadly, when not placed on permanent molars we see an extremely high rate of caries (cavities). We suggest sealants on most children.


In conjunction with good homecare, fluoride is our leading method to prevent tooth decay. We find it in all of the toothpastes we recommend and apply a very strong concentration to the teeth of young patients during visits to our hygienists. Under special circumstances we recommend powerful fluoride rinses, gels, or toothpastes to inhibit cavities in patients prone to tooth decay. Patients with orthodontics or a history of tooth decay are the likely candidates.

We prescribe multi-vitamins with fluoride to all youngsters between 3 and 11 years of age to protect permanent teeth developing that have yet to erupt above the gum line. These fluoride vitamins strengthen permanent teeth well before being exposed to the sugars in our diet.