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Braces are not for just teenagers! More than half of our patients are over 25! Please request a no obligation consultation from our orthodontist.

Traditional Orthodontic Treatment:

For most adults, you know what this is all about! But we offer clear braces (brackets) for our patients who wish to straighten their teeth with a minimal metal appearance. Treatment varies in length from 18-24 months in most cases and this can be best determined by our Orthodontist.


Wow! Did you ever think you could get straight teeth without wires and brackets? Absolutely discreet, a series Invisalign trays (clear retainers, custom individually generated by a computer ) gently move your teeth to a new more beautiful alignment. All you do is come to the office every six to eight weeks for us to check your progress and give you the next in the series of trays. It’s been revolutionary! Please call for a complimentary consultation.

Space Maintenance:

We are committed to being aware of eruption and loss patterns in a young person’s mouth. This sequence is very important to ensure orthodontics, if necessary, proceeds in a routine manner with the finest of outcomes. Premature loss of primary teeth can sometimes cause difficult circumstances for our young patients, we are observant to use space maintenance to maintain proper alignment of teeth.