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Oral Surgery

Whether your need is a simple extraction or an impacted wisdom tooth, our Board Certified Surgeon practices comprehensive care and a complete spectrum of Oral Surgery including Implants.


Implants are placed when we wish to replace missing teeth when fixed bridgework is not desired nor possible. Implants can replace missing teeth without disturbing the adjacent teeth. Implant designs can be used to secure a loose fitting denture.

Implants and their restorations take about 3-4 months to complete. The initial part of the procedure involves our Oral Surgeon placing an implant in bone and allowing it to fuse with the bone over a period of about three months. Following this period, we then restore the implant using an abutment and crown to recreate a beautiful and long lasting smile. Please call our office for a free consultation.

Wisdom Teeth:

Wisdom teeth are teeth that often cause problems in young adults where there is not enough room in the patient’s mouth to allow for their eruption…with proper intervention we can remove these teeth prior to to causing pain or a disruption in the arrangement of the other teeth in the mouth. Without timely removal of wisdom teeth, crowding of remaining teeth can occur leading to pain and undesired cosmetic crowding of teeth.