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Missing Teeth:

If a tooth has been lost, we have several options to replace the missing tooth (teeth)

  1. We can use implants which are describe in a separate section.
  2. We can use a fixed bridge technique where we construct a single restoration that is permanently cemented onto teeth immediately adjacent to the missing area. The location and the number of missing teeth dictate the individual design of each bridge. The bridge is made of a very strong gold alloy completely covered by tooth colored porcelain to provide our patients with a strong, durable and beautiful restoration.
  3. If there are no teeth available we can offer to fabricate a partial denture either to provide a temporary relief to tooth loss or as a permanent replacement of teeth. This is used when the arrangement of remaining teeth do not allow a design for fixed bridgework. As with a full denture, a partial denture needs to be removed when a patient sleeps.


Zirconium Based Crowns-which are crowns that replicate the natural beauty of your teeth. Kind to gum tissue, longer lasting and beautiful.


When confronted with a missing tooth we have many reasons to replace it. Having a missing tooth can compromise your appearance, your ability to chew, and your ability to speak. If we have sound and strong teeth on both sides of where a tooth has been lost, in most cases we can construct a “bridge.” A bridge is permanently cemented and does not come in and out at night. We design a bridge specific to the individual’s situation…bridge technique has been in use for decades and we are happy to discuss your needs by consultation.


Implants are placed when we wish to replace missing teeth when fixed bridgework is not desired nor impossible. Implants can replace teeth without disturbing adjacent teeth. Implant designs can be used to secure a loose fitting denture.

Implants and their restorations take about 3-4 months to complete. The initial part of the procedure involves our Oral Surgeon placing an implant in bone and allowing it to fuse with the bone over a period of about three months. Following this period, we then restore the implant using an abutment and crown to recreate a beautiful and long lasting smile.Please cal our office for a free consultation.

Partial Dentures:

When faced with several teeth having been lost, we can use the remaining teeth to support a partial denture. This can be used for a long term or simply as a temporary restoration while awaiting the fabrication of fixed bridgework or implants.

Full Dentures:

When confronted with a situation where teeth and / or periodontium is severely compromised, we can fabricate a full denture. We have several types , but most assuredly we have immediate dentures so it is unnecessary to walk around without teeth while a permanent denture is fabricated, thus avoiding the embarrassment of being edentulous in public.

Most important is the understanding that a poor fitting lower denture is no longer a “dead end” or hopeless condition. Please ask us how we can integrate implants into a denture to make it secure and retentive.

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