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Periodontal Care

Periodontium is the “foundation of your mouth.” It refers to your “gums” and the bone that anchors your teeth securely in your mouth. Failing to maintain healthy periodontal tissue is analogous to building a house on quicksand. The only way to properly evaluate the health of your gum tissue is to take pocket readings and radiographs, and maintain properly scheduled appointments with our hygienist. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Scaling & Root Planing:

This treatment is performed when bacteria invades the cuff of gum tissue around a tooth. It is usually found in a generalized manner throughout the mouth. Bacteria, if not removed, destroys the bone supporting your teeth. This is periodontal disease has symptoms of bleeding gums, bad breath, pus, redness of gums, tooth mobility, and more.

Scaling and root planing involves our hygienists using special instruments to remove the bacteria from the roots of your teeth, thus creating an environment where gum tissue can heal and be maintained. Failure to treat this disease leads to loss of teeth.

Periodontal Treatments:

Our gum tissue (periodontium) covers the bone that retains our teeth in our mouth. Without proper maintenance of our gum tissue, we could lose our teeth.

If neglected, gum tissue becomes infected and has many symptoms including bad breath, bleeding and swelling, and purulent exudate (pus). Obviously no one wants these symptoms and the only way to eradicate this disease is to visit a dentist.

We offer an array of the latest treatment methods dictated by the extent of the disease present.

We can help you save your teeth by treating the periodontal problems and giving you a maintenance program for continued care of your teeth.