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Year End Benefits

October 25, 2012

Check the calendar! It is already November and it is not just potential Christmas shopping days flying by!

There are only about seven weeks left in this calendar year to utilize unused dental benefits…and/or determine if you need to place resources into a pre tax flex spending account.

Suggesting that a patient utilizes his / her benefits is a touchy subject…by no means do I intend to suggest that a patient should do a dental procedure simply because there are unused benefits left for 2012, but if you have dental needs that can be best cared for by coordinating benefits from two consecutive years, now is the time to do it.

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Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination could lead to the loss of valuable benefits. Coordination of two years benefits could save you a great amount of out of pocket dental expenses.

We all work hard to earn a living, and have been compensated with salary and benefits. Those benefits you have earned should not be wasted.

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