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Client Testimonials

  • I used a coupon in December to get my teeth cleaned. I have never used this Dentist before. The Dental Assistant was very gentle and concerned when she was cleaning my teeth. She also took x-rays. Before she cleaned my teeth Dr. Kovic came in and introduced his self and checked my mouth also. (I look at his picture on the web site and it was not Dr. Ainsworth) She cleaned my teeth thoroughly and she also gave me a name where I could get dental coverage. She actually wanted to help me. She did not make me feel pushed like a lot of the Doctors and Dental office does. That makes me want to come back. I strongly recommend this dentist.

  • I’ll have been a patient for over 28 years of Dental Plus as well as my Family. We have Never been dissatisfied with the service at any time and the staff is one of the best in taking care of all your needs. They have been there for my family and myself in emergency’s and always in a Friendly matter. Going to Dental Plus is more then just a Dentist, it’s like family, and you can feel it, because they care. I’m glad that Dental Plus is part of my life and my family. Many Thanks to a great place and staff

    John W. Halm & Family
  • Going to dentists is the last thing we would like to do. but then the pain i was having was unbearable and had to go to a dentist to remove my tooth. they guy looked at my tooth and talked some technical stuff and also told me what it meant and what all care i should take. I was a bit nervous because of the pain i would have while the tooth is taken out. The doctor was really nice and he indulged me in his talks and also gave some pain killers . i never knew when he worked on my tooth, came to know when he said “Its done. u can go now!!”

    Devan P.
  • My braces were done here a while back and my teeth look great. I like the way they look now. I have been doing as the dentist has been telling me. it is important to listen and cooperate and they will walk you through all the procedures. No need to fear, they are good.

    Dan C

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